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Permanent HWY 99 Intoxicated Driving Checkstops

November 12, 2015
RCMP Checkstop

An RCMP officer stop and checks the driver of a civilian vehicle on HWY 99 at the entrance to Whistler resort. Photo by: Matt Murray / on May 19, 2012

During 2015 residents are still calling for permanent RCMP checkstops on HWY 99 as the people continue to die from intoxicated motor vehicle accidents. The most dangerous aspect of HWY 99 is clearly the motor vehicles which are often driven by heavily intoxicated drivers in the areas around Whistler resort. There have been many accidents in the past where people have either died or been severely injured in motor vehicle accidents involving intoxicated drivers that could have been prevented by increased RCMP checkstops on HWY 99. Residents of the Sea To Sky Corridor areas of Whistler, Pemberton, Squamish and Vancouver have been calling for years for a permanent RCMP checkstop on HWY 99 in a central point where all motor vehicles must pass. As the volumes of motor vehicles and speed limits continue to increase during 2015 the situation on HWY 99 is becoming more dangerous and putting the lives of everyone at risk 365 days a year.


A Whistler RCMP officer speaks with a driver who just had their car impounded after what is reported as a failed breathalyser test. Photo by: Matt Murray / on November 9, 2012

Function Junction & HWY 99 Is A Proposed RCMP Check Stop Intersection Location

Local residents view the intersection at Function Junction and HWY 99 to be the best location for a permanent RCMP checkstop to reduce the amount of intoxicated drivers. Every motor vehicle that travels in the Sea To Sky Corridor must pass this junction along WHY 99 located at the South end of Whistler resort. The majority of traffic entering Whistler resort comes from the South along HWY 99 and usually enters on Fridays for the weekends.

Whistler RCMP Officer

A Whistler RCMP Officer stops a vehicle during a roadside check stop. The driver passed the Breathalyzer test and was allowed to proceed. Photo by: Submitted from Public on May 18, 2012

Many Community Safety Benefits Of Permanent RCMP Check Stops

There are many other potential benefits from a permanent RCMP checkstop being created. One of the most significant benefits is the reduction of crime in the communities by trouble makers who will get caught entering the local areas via HWY 99. Late night violence has been a significant problem in Whistler resort for many years and a permanent RCMP check stop at the entrance to the resort could potentially reduce crime by catching trouble makers engaged in illegal acts such as intoxicated driving as they enter the resort.

RCMP Whistler Village Patrol

A suspect is detained by the RCMP officers while his friend resists arrest on behalf of the suspect. The RCMP officer on the right is telling the friend of the suspect to leave them alone. The suspect is believed but not confirmed to be intoxicated in public and was compliant with the RCMP officers. Photo by: Submitted from Public on May 18, 2013

An increase in visible police presence many also deter trouble makers from committing crimes in the local communities. There are many excellent benefits that come from having a permanent RCMP checkstop on HWY 99 during all seasons. A large percentage of the local population approves of increased RCMP checkstops along HWY 99 and have called for the public funding to be spent on public safety.

Whistler RCMP

A Whistler RCMP officer patrols the village during the 2013 WSSF music concert at Skier’s Plaza. Photo by: Matt Murray / on April 20, 2013

Communities Are Allowed To Provide Funding For Permanent RCMP Check Stops

There is evidence in the past to suggest that communities and large organizations can provide funding directly to the RCMP for check stops to be operated along HWY 99. A previous example was during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games where vehicles were observed speeding along HWY 99 to Whistler resort from Vancouver. During one observation of an RCMP speed enforcement operation the officer noted that it was VANOC that who had supplied the funding for the operation.

RCMP Officers Whistler Check Stop

RCMP officers stop and check vehicles on HWY 99 during the 2015 May long weekend. Photo by: Matt Murray / on May 15, 2015

Residents Encouraged To Write Letters To Government Calling For Permanent RCMP Check Stops

All residents if the local communities are entitled to write letters to the local government calling for the implementation of a permanent RCMP checkstop along HWY 99. The letters can be published in the records of the local council meetings each month which raises awareness to the constant problem of intoxicated driving along HWY 99 close to the various communities that are being put at risk.

RCMP Officers Whistler Check Stop

Two open alcohol containers left behind after a RCMP check stop on HWY 99 during the 2015 May long weekend. Photo by: Matt Murray / on May 15, 2015

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Publish Date: November 12, 2015
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