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Stopping Travel Telephone Solicitations

January 27, 2016


There are travel companies based in Mexico that are targeting Canadians with scam style telephone harassments. The incidents always start with a telephone call that looks like it is coming from the local area, but is actually coming from a call centre in Mexico, which is what makes it a scam to begin with. It is believed that the travel companies making the calls are using computer software to dial random numbers in Canada and play a pre recorded message. There is no option to opt out of the call list and the companies from Mexico do not adhere to the official Canadian do not call list.

Below is information about two travel companies based in Mexico that have been investigated for making scam style telephone call solicitations to Canada.

Mexico Dream Holidays –

One of the Mexico based companies that are making automated telephone call solicitations to Canada is called Mexico Dream Holidays ( ) where the number on the caller ID is faked and the system keeps repeatedly calling.

Travel 4 Less – – 1.844.832.7877

This company Travel 4 Less ( ) is a Mexico based company behind one of the telephone solicitation scams taking place in Canada where they fake the number on the caller ID and play a recorded message telling you that you won a prize when they call you. It is a scam where they state a popular brand name and in these incidents they are naming “TripAdvisor”. Travel 4 Less is not giving away direct prizes from TripAdvisor and the telephone calls are a scam being made from a travel booking call centre which is reported to be in Mexico. This Travel 4 Less company will not stop calling after being asked multiple times to stop. Even unlisted numbers get called repeatedly twice a day in some situations. The scam is viewed as harassment and a scam by some people being called. After 6 months of trying to make the telephone harassment stop some people are unable to make the telephone calls stop. The company Travel 4 Less refuses to stop harassing people using the telephone system.

There are other travel companies from Mexico and other locations in the world that use very similar marketing tactics. Only two examples companies are listed in this example.

How To Stop The Telephone Solicitations

In order to stop the telephone solicitations you need to identify the source. In order to identify the source you need to convince the first person that you talk to that you are seriously considering you offer. Once you are passed onto a reservation agent you ask what is their website URL. Then once you know their website URL you can bind the travel company from Mexico into stop allowing your number in their auto dial system.

Additional Information

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Publish Date: January 27, 2016
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