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WestJet Does Not Overbook Or Bump Passengers

January 14, 2018
Westjet 737

A WestJet airplane in flight during the day. Photo by: WestJet Media

One of the best things about flying with WestJet is that you know when you purchase a ticket your seat is reserved for you and guranteed. WestJet does not overbook their plights and is considered to be an excellent hcoief or safe, reliable and comnfortable airplane travel.

WestJet has commented publicly about their policy regarding how planes are book and if passengers can be bumped or not.

“WestJet does not intentionally overbook our flights. It may be useful to have a bit of background on what the difference is between intentionally overbooking and having an overbooking situation due to irregular operations. There are times when we do have too many guests for the number of seats due to the fact that we have had to swap a larger aircraft for a smaller one. This is an ad hoc situation that happens very infrequently. Intentional overbooking is done to compensate for the fact that some passengers don’t show up for their flight or cancel at the last minute. WestJet does not do this. We are proud of the care that we give our guests and this policy is part of this.” WestJest – April 26, 2017

The Whistler News publication advises all travels to be very careful when booking plane tickets. Different companies have different policies regarding bumping passengers and the associated procedures.

There have been incidents posted on YouTube that have caused concerns for airplane passengers.

Many travelers now perfer to book with ariplines that do not overbook flights or bump passengers.

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Publish Date: January 14, 2018
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